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Send us a picture of the space you'd like painted--interior or exterior--and we'll send you ...

     * a professionally edited photo with color scheme in your desired style and colors

     * color swatches of each color in the photo, and

     * 2 additional color variations

Custom Photo Preview

The photo you send us will be returned to you with the custom color design of your choice. Please include any information that you think would be relevant for crafting the perfect color palette for your project. This may include things like:

     * characteristics of the neighborhood in which you live

     * personal style preferences: modern, classic, neutral, bright, etc.

     * general or specific color choices

     * matching or different color schemes on the same property

     * proximity of neighboring properties and colors which reflect light into your home

Color Swatches in Your Mailbox

You'll receive a large, professional color swatch in the mail of each custom color in your photo which can be adhered to the corresponding surface. We recommend ordering additional swatches for multiple rooms or multiple sides of the building. These can be obtained for a very low price.

Custom Photo Variations

We include 2 complementary custom photo previews with color variations on your specified style and color preferences. This may be a variation on the darkness or lightness, the choice of painted surfaces, or the color scheme. These are included because as professionals who have produced many on site paint projects there are often factors that many home owners or property owners are not aware of that affect color choice.

fan deck.png
custom color preview.png
color swatches.png
custom color variation 1.png
Order Form
ORDER: Custom Color Design Package

Price of Color Design Package is $149

This includes:


  * 1 specific custom color preview

     (up to 5 colors)


  * 1 high quality color swatch of each

     color mailed to your home or office


  * 2 color variations with color previews


Additional swatches available for order:

  * 2" x 9" @ $1 each

  * 4" x 9" @ $2 each


  * 8" x 9" @ $3 each

After receiving your order request we'll reach out by email to receive your photos, complete the transaction and get shipping info for your swatches.



We look forward to working with you,

--Corey's Design Services


Thanks for submitting!

Let's Work Together


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-- Monday - Friday: 7am-6pm

-- Saturday, Sunday: closed


Phone:  (925) 457-4757


Address: 1330 4th Street #5, San Rafael CA 94901

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